Bridal I Do and I Don’t

You’ve finally made your appointment at LaBelle Elaine’s Bridal to try on your first wedding dress. You’re feeling so excited to finally make this step in your life, but then you realize….you don’t know much about bridal shop etiquette!

Have no fear, the staff at LaBelle Elaine’s Bridal is here to soothe your anxieties and answer your most burning questions.Right_Wrong

Here is a list of bridal do’s, don’ts, and questions to help you make the most of your experience when shopping for your dream dress:


  • Do
    • Call and tell us if you need to cancel – even if it’s day of! We usually have a wait-list and there are other brides who would love to come in.
    • Wear a strapless bra (or tell your consultant if you don’t have one. She can find one for you!)
    • Tell your consultant if you have already tried on a dress or silhouette you love – we WANT to know! It will be easier to find other dresses you love if we know what you already have in mind.
    • Give a price point. We want to know which dresses are totally off limits
    • Call the store and let them know if your party is more than three people. We want to get enough chairs set up beforehand to make your experience as luxurious as possible.
    • Share your story with us! Who knows…it may even end up on our blog.
  • Don’t

    • Wear lipstick or heavy makeup – it could smear on the dress.Be afraid to say no! We want to know what YOU want. If you don’t like something, it’s an opportunity for us to find something better! Every no you say is one dress closer to finding your dream dress.
    • Be afraid to order your gown earlier than recommended. Wedding gowns are designed to be timeless; many of our brides order their gown a year before the wedding day.
    • Worry about wedding dress sizing. Bridal gowns run anywhere from one to three sizes smaller than your regular size. For example, if you normally wear a size 12, you may end up ordering a 14 or 16. Go with the designer size chart; every designer is different. It has nothing to do with your size or measurement.



Shae L. asks: What if I don’t cry when I try on my dream dress?
LaBelle Elaine’s Bridal Team: Shae, not everyone cries when they try on their perfect dress. That is a reality show myth! Sure, some people cry, but some jump up and down, some hug their consultants, and some women just smile because they know that they’ve put on the one. There is no one “right” reaction to the dress. You will know it’s the one, no matter how you react.

Hannah S. asks: Can I bCASPhoto_Ashley&Scott100ring champagne to my appointment?
LBE Team: Yes! Of course you can! We ask that you open it outside, just in case your bubbly flows over. This is a fun event, and we welcome celebration.

Zeinab S. asks: I’m a little self-conscious about my tummy – should I wear spanx to my appointment?
LBE Team: While we can’t tell you what to wear or how to feel, we at LaBelle Elaine’s want to help you to feel comfortable and positive about yourself and the dress. All of our dresses come in a large variety of sizes. We want you to feel beautiful now, in the body that you currently have. If you’re worried about a certain body part on your wedding day, we can find a dress that covers it appropriately.

Hilary M. asks: I’m really nervous about looking for my dress…how much experience do the bridal consultants have at your salon?
LBE Team: La Belle Elaine’s Bridal has been operating since 1979. There was an ownership change in recent years but all the employees remain with the new management. The bridal stylists’ experiences range from 5 to 10 years in the bridal industry. If we have new hire, they are thoroughly trained by these senior consultants before assisting brides.

Mikki L. asks: What do I do about bridal accessories and jewelry?
LBE Team: Choose your wedding gown first. Then begin searching for accessory that looks perfect with your beautiful gown. Regarding the veil, many of our brides pick it simultaneously with the gown. Do not worry about how you want to do your hair; a good hair stylist will be able to use the veil or head piece you picked! Never let your jewelry overpower your ensemble. La Belle Elaine’s Bridal has a wonderful in-house accessory stylist to assist you; you can make an appointment with her separately.

Ro A. asks: I’m a very curvy bride, and I am having trouble finding my dream dress. Do you have anything for me?
LBE Team: We have a great selection of plus size gowns for curvy brides. From romantic ball gowns to sexy fit and flare, La Belle Elaine’s Bridal has it! Our owners and team work with industry specialists; we’re always on the lookout for amazing silhouettes for all body types.

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